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Zipit Company is a puppet theatre company created in 2011, located between Tiana and Arenys de Mar (Catalonia). The company work to make shows with quality to transmit magic stories full of adventures, emotions and sensations for all the family.

We’re Glòria Arrufat, Paulette San Martin and Ivo G. Suñé, we are young and with a very good artistic career. We’re perfectly complemented because each one of us is especialised in a differents skill: acting, creation, costumes and aesthetics, scenography, making puppets, lights and sound.

Zipit Company is well known to create shows making their own puppets, set design, and costume, very carefully designed and with a hight quality of motion.

Our shows are visuals and expressive, with no text, they’ve a gestual, plastic and music language, this is why we’re an International Company. (we’ve visited Israel, France, Switzerland, México)

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Glòria Arrufat

From 2006 focuses her artistic career in puppetry and storytelling. Travel and work around Scotland, met the Company The Puppet Lab, working in a shadow show.

In Catalonia, created her own Company: Plum Teatre with  Lídia Clua they made the shows: Un altre Sant Jordi, Poti-Poti,  Roxanne and Cyrano, memories of an absence. Also in 2006 with Herta Frankel’s company in Tibidabo (Barcelona) she learn to manipulate string marionettes.

Get master training with Stephen Mottram at the Institut International Marionette in Charleville, Forman Brothers, Jordi Bertran, Roberto White. She made woodcarving sculpture with the Master J.M. Medina Ayllón.

Create Zipit company wishing to design, make, and manipulate puppets, to play shows for all the family around the world.

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Ivo G. Suñé

In 2006 change Education for  theatre, puppets and light and sound design. From there he starts differents projects like Tsimane, un viaje al Amazonas, Imagina and the company El dit al nas.

In 2007 he’s trainned as a light and sound technicienin the TTE (Taller Tecnológico del Espectáculo). He has formed as a puppeteer in the different disciplines with Toni Rumbao, Eugenio Navarro, José Diego Ramírez (la Sombrita), Alejandro Szklar in shadow puppets; glove puppets with the company Chon Chonbody puppets with Roberto White,  making and manipulating with Stephen Mottram.

He works in television in Los Lunnies and Los Algos. And at the same time, works as a technicien for Periferia Teatro with the show Guyi-Guyi around the world, also with Mimaia Teatro with the succesfull  Adiós, Bienvenida and in  El taller del parc between others.

Begins in ZiPit Company the 2011 as a technicien and thanks to his skills, end up froming part of the company as a puppeteer, creator, and set designer.

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Paulette San Martín

Born in Chile travels to Barcelona where from  2003 focus her artistique career in the design, costumes, and manipulation of objects and puppets, inspired by Mariona Masgrau and Pepe Otal’s  Workshop, she specializes in string marionnette with Jordi Bertran and Herta Frankel Company.

As result of her learning with these professionals, she creates her first show “Hole in the Hat” in Taller del Parc, co-directed by Jordi Bertran.

She has worked with companies like DéjàVu, Jordi Bertran, Adrian Schwartein, Cia. Oxique, Cia.The clown band, as well as for television series in Zaragoza.

Has been trainned masters like René Becker, Agnès Limbos and Stephen Mottram.

Founding member of Zipit Company provides its experience and expertise in aesthetic design, costume and puppets.