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A thousand pieces


A thousand pieces

Have you ever felt that something is broken inside?

There is a place where it has not rained so long that the earth breaks into a thousand pieces.

Here lives a girl and her grandmother, taking care of every drop that comes out of the tap.

Playing, the girl breaks the pipe by mistake, leaving them without the water they need to live.

The girl feels so bad for the mistake that is broken into a thousand pieces, like the earth.

Then begins a journey in which the girl must recompose itself.

This is a show that speaks of resilience, the ability to return to lift us when we fall and the possibility of fixing what is broken into a thousand pieces.

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Direction: Andreu Martínez

Production: ZiPit Company

Text: Dora Cantero

Puppeteers : Glòria Arrufat, Ivo G. Suñé, Paulette San Martín

Scenography: Alfred Casas et Ivo G. Suñé

Puppet Design:  Alba Serrat

Construction of puppets: Glòria Arrufat

Músic: Toni Ubach

Design and Costumes: Paulette San Martín

Light and sound: Ivo G. Suñé

Type: Room format show

Stage dimensions: 6m x 6m

Number of people: 3 actors-puppeteers

Duration of the show: 50 minutes

Assembly time: 4 hours

Dismantling time: 1 hour

Sound: PA system adapted to the space / 1 monitor on the stage / Sound table at the end of the stage or possibility of connecting our sound table from the stage to the team in the room. company carries: 3 wireless headset microphones

Portal computer: from where lights and sound are thrown

Lens: 15 pcs 1000w / 8 cutouts / 6 Pcs Cp61 1000w / 2 Quarzos or room light / 1 direct 220v on stage / dmx connection on stage

Technical contact: Ivo G. Suñé (+34) 679 33 91 05



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