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Jai, the sailor


Jai, the sailor

Three comedians going from port to port telling adventures about the sea come to tell the story of Jai the sailor and his journey to the love of the pretty Marie Claire, the girl who lives in the lighthouse, and who raise his senses with her beautiful singing.

Jai begins a long and exciting way by the sea where he will find a giant whale, hungry sharks, wild monkeys… lots of adventures that will have to overcome to reach his goal.



Script and Direction: Dora Cantero

Director Assistant: Carlos Gallardo

Puppeteers: Glòria Arrufat,  Ivo Garcia & Paulette San Martín

Design and Puppets making: Glòria Arrufat & Paulette San Martín

Set Design: Ivo Garcia & Joan Gorro

Music: Mina Trapp & Joan Gorro

Design and Costume: Paulette San Martín

Lights and Sound: Ivo Garcia & Joan Gorro

Medium Format show – street or room

Stage:  6m x 6m

Platform: 1m high

Black background

Set up: 3h

Take down: 1 h

Sound: PA Sound system adapted to the space/ 1 monitor in the stage/ Sound table at the background

The company brings: 3 wireless microphone headset/ 1 laptop from which we control lights and sound

Lights: (In room or outside when is dark) 8 Pc 1000w/4 dimmer channels/1 direct 220v on the stage/Dmx connection in the stage

Technician Contact:

Ivo G. Suñé (+34)679339105



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